15mm Ancient DBA DPS painted Byzantine Cavalry Horse Archers GH1157
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A community that was once hidden in the shadows of the internet, the world of esports has recently exploded into the mainstream and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. As more and more fans, players, and companies join the ranks of the original hardcore fan base, esports is poised to be one of the largest and most interactive communities in the world.

Esportstalk.com aims to put you right in the middle of the mix. Our forums connect you with other esports fans, teams, and players worldwide. Talk smack, talk strategy, or talk just to hear your own voice; it’s up to you!

Stay up to speed on the latest happenings of the esports world with our up to the minute esports news and live updates. If you’re looking for updates on new game developments, tournament updates, player and team news, or anything else related to esports, we’ve got you covered. The world of esports changes fast, and you need a news provider that you can trust to keep you on the cutting edge of the industry.

New to the scene or looking to improve your skills? Our videos and strategy guides will walk you through every step of your quest for esports domination. Anything and everything you could ever need or want esports related can be found here.

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Keep up to speed with everything in the world of esports with our real-time news stories, tournament results, and updates.

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Below you’ll find the center of the esports universe. It’s a place for you to talk games, strategy, betting, and anything else esports related that you want to. Share your opinions, information, and thoughts with the rest of the esports community and the world. Connect with new friends and gamers from all corners of the globe. Never be left out of the discussion.

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If you’re in the esports world, then it’s a given that your constant quest is to get better at your favorite game or games. Everyone dreams of being the best and competing on the big stage. For those of you looking to improve, we have included game specific strategy guides to help walk you through everything you need to know. These guides are constantly evolving as we collect more expert information so check back frequently for new tips, tricks, and strategies. One of the most exciting things about esports is that anyone can become one of the best with enough hard work, knowledge, and dedication.


The ultimate proving grounds for esports players are the big-ticket tournaments. Held all over the world, these tournaments bring out the best and brightest to compete for tournament glory and cold, hard cash. We have all the latest news, streams, and information on all current, past, and future tournaments. If it’s a major tournament in the esports world, you’ll find everything about it below.

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25mm AWI american - 2 guns & crews - art (31520)


15mm Franco - Prussian War WGS painted French Grenadiers of the Guard PFA016

Esportstalk.com is a site for gamers by gamers. We understand the importance of keeping the community connected through the exciting and explosive industry growth. As new fans, players, and businesses enter the scene, we want to do our best to connect them with existing fans and “show them the ropes”. By helping our community to be inclusive, we can help to ensure continued growth which means bigger tournaments, better games, and more exciting opportunities for everyone.

Our strong team of experts and industry professionals work hard to bring you the best in esports because they’re passionate about the industry and everyone involved. It’s their shared goal to help make your experiences in the esports world as great as possible.

Chapters that begin with Anpanman puzzle
Petar Profile Picture
  • Resident League and Overwatch fanatic.
  • Seasoned Taric veteran.
  • Long time gamer and Esports enthusiast.
  • Communicates better with machines than with humans.
Pavo Profile Pic
  • Professional procrastinator.
  • CT-side hunchback.
  • Doesn’t care about your opinion.
Michael Profile Pic
  • My friends call me “Fear.”
  • Halo 2 will always have a place in my heart.
  • Watching Twitch most of the time.
  • Console > PC (Don’t @ me).
ROCO HO 64210 - Nahverkehr-Steuerwagen der DB AG - DC NEUF Cody Profile Picture
  • Spends way too much time in Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Always avoids using a mic.
  • Enjoys cooking for others as a hobby
Lionel Prewar Standard Gauge 155 Station Platform Late colors Red Ivory Beauty
  • Mediocre Junk Rat.
  • Huge FGC and RPG nerd.
  • Made entirely out of Carolina Reapers.
  • Definitely not three kids in a trench coat.
  • Cloud9’s biggest fan (C9 tatt life).
  • Been playing League for 10 years and counting.
  • Waiting for the rise of Civilization esports.
  • Way too into fighting games.
  • Maintains the EsportsTalk social media.
  • Spends too much on clothes.
Dr. Sauce Horde Style
  • Huge MMO nerd.
  • Been there done that across all genres.
  • Believes 1v1 is the best.
  • Likes Mudkips.
  • CS:GO news creator.
  • MMORPG lover (Runescape for life).
  • Talks too fast.
  • Plays to win, not for fun.
  • VR evangelist.
  • Professional Dota 2 feeder.
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